Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of Active-Pro, a new set of tools for your Workbench

Integration is made of repetitive tasks to propagate a working configuration to others elements. Let's face it, as it's exciting to get something working the first time, it's rather time consuming and boring to make the rest working too. This is why, we introduced this week at the Niagara Forum, a new service to increase your productivity, allowing you to create and modify stations at unprecedented speed, no matter the station and without leaving a foot print in it.

So let's dig into these new features.


Excel is your new friend

Excel is a really good Software, enough simple and powerful to easily copy-paste, filter and repeat operations. We created a Workbench tool to export any station to Excel allowing you to

  • Decide what to export: Networks, DeviceFolder, Devices, Schedules, Points... 
  • Complete the Excel file: add alarm&history extensions, change network addresses, add tags&relations... 
  • Import it back to update the station content

It's Light, Powerful, Simple.

We introduced short syntaxes so you can create from scratch anything in the station like $BooleanSchedule to add a new schedule. Let's see it:


Stop doing repetitive tasks

Doing the same things multiple times, sometimes a few, sometimes a hundred, is the daily routine for most of the System Integrators. This is why we created the conept of macros in Niagara: you record your modification once on one equipment, folder... It creates a macro made of all of your modifications, so you can replay it on a selection of components.

  • It records every operation you do in the Workbench (except the px)
  • It's station independent, macros are stored in your Workbench files, meaning, you can reuse the macro in any station
  • Macros are made of Niagara blocks so you can edit them very easily, create more complex scenarios, remove an operation...

Create Utilities to configure a station, change a logic multiple times, repair mistakes...


Upgrade your Workbench in 5 minutes, No credit-card required 

Active-Pro runs its own licensing system making it easier for you to get started.

You just need to follow the tutorial here:

There are two models:

  • If you have an annual license for Active-Framework (covering the technical support and the e-learning platform), one Active-Pro license is included per user at no extra cost.
  • If you just want to use the Active-Pro service, the cost will be 25€/month. The first month is free and you can try it without a Credit-card.


Release of Active-Framework RC2

Active-Framework is getting more and more stable. A few issues have been fixed.


Get started

You can follow the Get Started Tutorial.

Make sure to check out the full release notes for a list of all the fixes and features.

Happy building! 



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