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ActiveBAS is a boiler plate station containing Active Framework features, already configured and ready to use.

The available functions could be used directly as is or could be customized depending on your needs.

The aim of this station is to create appliances: you customize it once and then you just need to easily deploy it on sites.


This document provides an overview of the features.We will follow the deployment process of the station:

  • Model Creation: first, you'll have to describe your project to build a model that will be used to structure your data
  • Sources Assignment: then, you'll deploy your devices and relate it to the model to automatically create tags and views
  • Functions: at last, you'll need to create the required functions (reports, menus, summaries, zoning, kiosk...). You can use directly (or adapt) the existing functions or you can create your own ones.


To understand this document, we strongly advise you to do the elearning on:

  • Structure level 1
  • Structure level 2
  • Strategy

In this documentation, you'll find a lot of links to the documentation of the components used.

  • You can click on it and get the documentation online in the browser 
  • You can get it offline in the workbench (right-click on the component > view > guide on target).